Serviced offices in London Bridge, Embankment, and Wandsworth.

Matching the demand of the serviced office market, ABS Business Centres prime locations stretch across popular business destinations, providing flexible, affordable office premises, at a price that suits your business.

Every ABS Business Centres office has a comprehensive range of professional business services to support your company. Each location has a wide range of meeting and conference rooms available with a variety of layouts, adaptable to your needs. These meeting rooms also offer catering and audio visual equipment. We have also developed virtual office packages, ideal for you if you are just starting your company from home, or if you are established, and want to develop a satellite or project office.

Our clients range from single person occupants, to companies with over 50 staff, and from SME’s to blue chip firms. Whatever your size, we can provide your business with the flexibility and professional environment it needs to succeed.

Please browse our website and find out why ABS Business Centres is the home for your business, today.


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We allow our clients to retain their corporate identity, giving them all the benefits of a traditional lease, with the added value of flexible terms of an ABS Business Centres Licence Agreement brings. We offer these flexible solutions at affordable prices to give our clients outstanding value for money. We take price in understanding our customers and their needs with market changes and technological advances; flexibility is our key to success. We take particular care of our client's IT requirements, offering state-of-the-art facilities and services.

All your office solutions are provided for with simple, short-term Licence Agreements, monthly billing and the opportunity to expand or contract your workspace as necessary.

Our staff are highly trained, motivated professionals and are on hand when you need them to support your business, leaving you to concentrate on your core activities. We work hard at creating a friendly and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and focus on growing your business.

ABS Business Centres have three core principles we use to ensure we meet your requirement to the full:


    It is your office; you can do what you want inside it! You can also keep it for as long or short as you like.


    Total occupational costs of a service office are around 25% less than conventional space. An ABS Business Centres office is designed for SME businesses, so our prices are deliberately low.


    Just because you and your business are cost conscious doesn't mean you have lower service expectations. An ABS Business Centres office is fully equipped with the latest in IT and telephone equipment, which is all backed up by a friendly team who are there to run your office for you.

About Our Serviced Offices

Whether you are a start up that needs a great office location, a company that is expanding, or you just want a better office solution for your business, with an ABS Business Centres serviced office, you have the best choice, with the freedom to focus on the growth of your business while we run your office. You can choose from our prime locations in London Bridge, Embankment and Wandsworth.

Our buildings are managed by our professional, trained teams, all fully furnished and ready for your business, with the latest in telecoms and IT services. Every centre also has meeting and conference facilities, allowing your business access to professional and convenient meeting rooms, whenever you need it.

Serviced offices can save you up to 60% over a conventional office space as all the traditional capital costs such as fit out, furniture, rates and utilities etc. are included, so contact us today to find out more!

Search Our Serviced Office Network

All of our serviced offices offer virtual office facilities, are fully secure and are accessible 24 hours a day, meaning you can set your own office hours.

To find a new home for your business, review our service office portfolio and simply click on a photo of your chosen location for further detail. Feel free to contact our dedicated business centre managers within each site.

Why choose a serviced office?

When looking at the conventional property market the tendency is to look at the three major costs of rent, rates and service charges as being the total occupational costs, but the true costs of leasing and occupying an office are identified below. Rarely are these total occupational costs lumped together when making a purchasing decision, however as you can see in this diagram below rent, rates and service charges do not even account for half of your total occupational costs.

With an ABS Business Centres office all the occupational costs are pulled together into one convenient monthly payment, plus you get a serviced office with much more flexibility allowing you to focus on the needs of your business. Many companies have found that not only is a serviced office more flexible but, in taking into account all the costs of occupation, it actually saves them money.

What are serviced offices?

ABS Business Centre offices provide immediate availability and fully furnished individual offices, for 1- 50 people with professional telephone answering and secretarial support services also available. Essentially you have your own office in one of our buildings which is a great solution when you do not know your exact space requirements.

For example a start-up company often finds it difficult to estimate how quickly its staff numbers will grow in the future, and does not wish to get locked into an institutional office lease which generally ranges from 5-15 years, and means they must commit to space now which they don't need for years to come. With a serviced office you can grow or contract as you need.

Who uses serviced offices?

Serviced office customers can be large blue chip organisations that need an office for local representation or for short-term project team expansion. Other businesses may be small and medium sized companies that require space from 1-50 people for their ongoing business operations. Whatever the size of company, whatever the space is required for, an ABS Business Centres serviced office can save you money and hassle.

Your licence fee would include

  • Local Authority Business Rates
  • Rent
  • Office Furniture
  • Water Rates
  • Utilities and gas, water and electricity
  • Lighting
  • Professional Fees
  • Security system maintenance
  • Access control maintenance
  • Fire alarm
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Communal Facilities, toilets and kitchen
  • Decorations and common parts
  • Locks, keys, key cards and two sets per office
  • Carpeting
  • Power distribution and plug sockets (2 per person average)
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen equipment: fridge microwave, dishwasher, kettle, crockery and cutlery
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Heating
  • Electric Power Consumption, including lighting etc.
  • Building Service Charges
  • Maintenance
  • Daily Cleaning of communal areas
  • Complementary tea, coffee, milk and sugar
  • 24 hour access
  • Management of the building and communal areas
  • Facilities Management Service
  • Legal costs

Additional Services

We can arrange additional services, for example:

  • Couriers
  • Taxis
  • Stationary
  • Post
  • Fax
  • Photocopying
  • Typing
  • Day delegate refreshments
  • Meeting room equipment
  • Q1: What is the minimum period of occupation?

    ABS Business Centres offer simple Flexible agreements from 3-24 months, eliminating high start up costs, complicated lease agreements, legal fees and time delays.
  • Q2: Can the telephone be answered in my company name?

    Yes, fully trained staff provide a professional answering service from 9am to 5.30pm. in addition you will be given your own DDI number and voicemail system and remote access.
  • Q3: Can I arrange use of a boardroom or meeting rooms in any ABS Business Centre?

    Yes, meeting rooms and boardroom can be reserved at all ABS Business Centres locations with audio-visual equipment available to hire subject to availability.
  • Q4: I am based at the Argyll House ABS Business Centre, can I use other ABS Business Centres when I am in London?

    Yes, in addition, we will give you a discounted rate for meetings in any of the other ABS centres.
  • Q5: When I have deadlines I often work until midnight and at weekends, can I still get in to the building?

    Yes, access to all centres is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. reception and switchboard are manned Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.
  • Q6: The members of our team are networked together via our computer, will I be able to connect to them at the ABS Business Centres?

    Yes LANs and WANs are available through category 5 structure cabling and Comms room.
  • Q7: If my assistant is on holiday can the ABS Staff produce my documents and send faxes, etc?

    Centre staff are available to carry out a full range of secretarial and administrative services. These include word processing, document preparation, mail shots, database, etc. costs are listed on the Service Option Menu.
  • Q8: The services sound great but serviced offices are bound to be more expensive than a normal lease or rental?

    Because you are not paying for space you don't use, and with all the facilities that are included within your simple monthly invoice ABS Business Centres prices are very competitive. The average company could save approximately 25% or more of their total occupation costs, when compared to a conventional lease.